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Recovery Manager Job Opening

Helpful Hands to Recovery, LLC is seeking a part-time Recovery Manager in Houston and Austin. The Recovery Manager will provide Home and Community Based Services- Adult Mental Health (HCBS-AMH) Recovery Management Services to the following population(s):


  • Long-Term Hospitalization: Extended in-patient psychiatric hospitalization.

  • Jail Diversion: Frequent arrests and psychiatric crisis

  • Emergency Department (ED) Diversion: Frequent utilization of the ED and psychiatric crisis


Duties and responsibilities:

  • Work as a part-time/on-call recovery manager

  • Must be flexible - weekday, evening, and weekend availability

  • **Hours are not guaranteed**

  • The position requires travel to meet clients in the community (clients' homes, adult day centers, doctors' appointments, etc.)

  • Hours vary depending on client availability

  • Monitor clients’ overall services

  • Advocate on behalf of the client

  • Monitor health, welfare, and safety through regular contacts

  • Ability to cope and work effectively under pressure

  • Responsible for facilitating interdisciplinary team meetings and creating/updating the Individual Recovery Plan (IRP), treatment plan, and crisis plan as well as managing the entire process of the individual recovery process.

  • Desire to work in an integrated team, strong leadership, and process communication skills.

  • Computer proficiency is strongly recommended.


  • Must have a Master's Degree in human services or a related field

  • Must have at least two years of experience working with people who have a severe mental illness (SMI)

  • Comply with coaching and supervision standards and have knowledge of the issues affecting individuals with SMI and community-based interventions.

  • Complete HHSC-required training in the Home and Community Based Services- Adult Mental (HCBS-AMH) program. 

  • Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggression (SAMA) training is required. If you do not have the training or are not able to get the training on your own, a 1or 2-day training will be in Houston.

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