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 Home and Community Based Services- Adult Mental Health (HCBS- AMH)

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  • A therapist who will discuss your goals.

  • A peer who is also in recovery from mental illness or substance use.

  • Group and individual meetings about substance use disorder.

  • A nurse to help with medications and long- term health problems.

  • Decide where to live.

  • Maintain your privacy.

  • Make your own choices.

  • Get services that help you stay in the community.

As a program participant, you will be able to:

The HCBS-AMH program connects you to:

Recovery Managers:

  • Help identify goals, services and supports.

  • Ensure services are coordinated with providers and community partners.

  • Advocate on your behalf.

  • Help to resolve emergencies.


  • Daily help and support in your home, including buying household goods and helping to set up your house.

  • Meals delivered to your home.

  • Skills training so you can live on your own or get a job of your choice.

  • Home improvements to help you be safe, healthy and independent.

  • Special equipment or supplies you need to help you be independent.

  • Help getting around your community.

The HCBS-AMH program provides:

Young Businesswomen

  • Continue to recover from serious mental illness and substance use disorder.

  • Manage their physical and mental well-being.

  • Gain stable and safe housing.

  • Take part in daily life activities to reach personal goals.

  • Connect with community partners.

  • Build self-confidence and independence.

HCBS-AMH helps individuals: 

Nursing Home
Nurse with Patient
Group Lecture
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